Malcom Baldridge

1. What are the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards? Congress established the award program in 1987 to raise awareness about quality management and to recognize U.S. companies that have successful quality management systems. The award program focuses on quality as an integral part of todays business management practices. The awards criteria are widely accepted as the standard of quality excellence in business performance. They are designed to help companies deliver ever-improving value to customers and improve overall company performance and overall capabilities. For many companies that make quality a part of doing business, the end result is better employee relations, higher productivity, greater customer satisfaction, increased market share, and improved profitability. According to a recent by the Conference Board, a business membership organization, A majority of large U.S. firms have used the criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige NQA for self improvement, and the evidence suggests a long-term link between the use of Baldrige criteria and improved business performance. 2. Who was Malcolm Baldrige? Malcolm Baldrige was Secretary of Commerce from 1981 until his death in a rodeo accident in July of 1987. Baldrige was a porponent of quality management as a key to this countrys prosperity and long-term strength. He took a personal interest in the quality improvement act that was eventually named after him and helped draft one of the early versions. In recognition of his contributions, congress named the award in his honor. 3. How many award cataglories are there and what are they? There are seven categories for the awards in which to be given. They include leadership, information and analysis, strategic planning, human resource focus, process management, business results, and customer focus and satisfaction. 4. How many winners can there be annually? The award is not given for specific products or servic…

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