Management Issue Paper

You will select a current problem, challenge or issue facing managers in business today. Using severalmagazine or newspaper articles, books, or Internet sources as reference, discuss the issue and identifyvarious possible solutions or responses. The paper should be 3 ? 5 pages long and should include informationfrom at least three sources. This assignment will demonstrate your decision-making and problem-solving skillsindicated in course objective #3.Steps:1. Pick a relevant topic to explore. The challenge or issue may be one that is internal to an organization,i.e., ? top management doesn?t communicate well?. When choosing an internal challenge, be sure it is one thatapplies to a number of organizations. Of, you may choose an external issue, i.e., ?managing the newworkforce? or ?government tax policy.? Again, it should be a challenge/issue that applies generally, but besure to have a specific topic.2. Explain and describe what the challenges/issues are for managers. Be specific and detailed. Avoid saying?this is a problem for managers.? Why is it problem? What happens because it is a problem? How does thatimpact the business?3. Describe some possible solutions to the problem. Again, be specific. If you suggest a course of action,detail the steps, perhaps a timeline if appropriate. An issue may have more than one solution, or course ofaction ? which would you choose? Why?!

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