Management of Quality;

Questions1)A) What is a House of Quality? What is the purpose of using House of Quality? (200 words)B) Describe the various elements of House of Quality and how it is used. (400 words)C) Think of a simple product, and build a House of Quality for this product (at least 5 customer requirement and 5 design requirements). You may have to put yourself in the shoes of both a designer as well as a consumer of this product to fill up the House of Quality and then write 500 words explanation of your house of quality .2) Computer upgrades have a nominal time of 80 minutes. Samples of five observations each have been taken, and the results are as listed.Please write all your calculation steps.SAMPLE1 2 3 4 5 679.2 80.5 79.6 78.9 80.5 79.778.8 78.7 79.6 79.4 79.6 80.680.0 81.0 80.4 79.7 80.4 80.578.4 80.4 80.3 79.4 80.8 80.081.0 80.1 80.8 80.6 78.8 81.1a) Calculate the three sigma control limits for the mean and range chart. Write the steps supporting your calculations.b) Is the process in control? Explain.Please provide an electronic copy of your coursework on submission.Deadline Date for Submission of Coursework:Tuesday, 9th December 2014 at 1400.Students will be notified via Moodle and in the class if there is any change (postponement) in the deadline

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