Managing Enterprise in Health and Social Care

Assignment 1 and 2a: Report on Managing enterprise in Health and Social Care.The purpose of this assignment is for students to: explore the entrepreneur for health and social care in a chosen country and critically evaluate the context of political, economical, cultural, social and environmental issues.Assignment 1: Assignment 1 (1,200 words) 40%Choose a country at national level preferably (UK). In the context of political, economical, cultural, social and environmental, write a report to critically evaluate the entrepreneurship of health and social care issue. Include the following learning outcomes in your Discuss (check for the help you need)ion.Systematically analyse the concept of entrepreneurialism 1.1Critically evaluate entrepreneurialism as an agent of change in both public and private healthand social care sectors 1.2Investigate the key concepts in demography and epidemiology 2.1Critically assess the impact of key demographic trends and changes in the epidemiological environment on health and social care 2.2Identify the key sources of demographic and epidemiological data 2.3Investigate the key aspects of the social environment 2.4Assignment 2a (500 ? 700 words) 30%Choose a profit making or not for profit charitable private organization you are familiar with in health and social care and imagine you are part of the management:Systematically analyse the culture of the enterprise 3.1Investigate the nature and sources of power (financial resources) 3.2Examine the value of conflicts that may arise in joint and collaborative working and how they may be overcome 3.3Difference between the positive and negative aspects of politics. 3.4Assignment 2b. Reflective Report on Change management and implementation (500 ? 700 words) 30%Imagine there is need for a major change in the health and social organizationnamed above:State the type of changes and critically evaluate its effectiveness byusing a ?change management models? such as ?force field analysis?. 4.1Investigate appropriate strategies for managing on-going change in the organization 4.2Make necessary recommendations and critically evaluate how the changes will be implemented 4.3

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