Manifest Destiny or, “I’ll race you to Oregon!” Custom Essay

The book i use for study is John Mack Faraghner, Mari JO Buhle, Daniel Czitrom, Susan H. Armitage “Out of Many . A History of the American People” Combined volume.The following work is based on chapters 14 and 15 (p.362-424)THE ANSWER IS BASED ON READING THIS CHAPTERS By 1844, when James Knox Polk ran as the Democratic nominee for president under the slogan “Manifest Destiny,” most Americans believed it was the ultimate destiny of the white man to hold and have dominion over the whole of the North American continent. While this idea insults our 21st-century sensibilities, it fit in well with the 19th-century scientific ideas of natural hierarchies (Linnaeus) and survival of the fittest (Darwin, et. al.).In your paper, consider how this idea could have held such control in the minds of 19th-century Americans. What could have inspired the common folk of America to see themselves as God?s chosen people, called to subdue and tame the wilds of the West, called to bring civilization to all of America and the myriad peoples therein? The call of the lands of the American West was strong, and millions responded. What could cause YOU to leave your comfortable home in the east to travel by wagon train to a place where there was NOTHING?Remember, these folks were not crazy or stupid, and very few of them were anything close to evil. Remember also, that while some claim to be acting in the name of God, they often gave no real thought to God in their decision making process.

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