Marketing and Globalisation

Marketing and GlobalisationOrder DescriptionAt least 4 reference from the reading list. Must have 4 please!Assignment question:With reference to the attached case study you are required to critically analyse and evaluate the factors behind the growth and increasing globalisation of the Ted Baker retail brand. This analysis should be based on the material presented on the course and your further reading on the topics. It should also consider the extent to which the Ted Baker brand provides evidence of cultural convergence or cultural divergence.Requirements:As part of your analysis you must identify at least four relevant sources from the course reading list, plus any additional references of your own, and evaluate their relevance to Ted Baker and the international market for designer fashion brands.This is an academic piece of work and as such you are required to read widely in respect of the course topics in order to support your arguments with reference to academic texts and journal articles. All material should be properly referenced using the Harvard system. As part of your assignment you should also include at least six academic references from the module reading list (not including those listed above) and also seek additional references of your own.The Article, require and reading list will be upload.

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