Marketing Communications and Branding

Marketing Communications and Branding1) This is an individual based assignment which incorporatesa. A written Marketing Communication Plan of 2000 words (plus/minus 10%) excluding references and appendices (90% of mark).2) Assignment is to be written in report format. It is recommended not to use the first person.3) Structure Requirement ? students are reminded work should have a beginning, a middle and an end, that each paragraph should contain one point which is explained well and reasoned through, and finally, that paragraphs are linked.4) Content Requirement ? students must demonstrate: [i] knowledge of the subject area in question; [ii] the ability to search out additional (relevant) material to that given in the lecture; [iii] the ability to marshal materials into logical and coherent lines of reasoning in a critical and analytical fashion;[iv] the ability to provide, if applicable, some Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of any policy instruments; and [v] the ability to inform the reader whilst answering the assignment brief.5) Presentation Requirement ? reports are to be typed. Diagrams should be fully labelled and integrated into the text.6) Use the Harvard referencing system to present your references/bibliography

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