MARKETING EVENT IN 2014.Marketing Event in 2014, as Assignment 1, asks you to select a marketing event that has occurred since 1 January 2014. This is a basic starting requirement. We are willing to accept a wide range of sources for your Marketing Event in 2014 selection such as newspapers (in the U.K. or elsewhere), business periodicals (like Bloomberg Businessweek, the Economist, Forbes, or Fortune), advertisements (television, radio, print, or online), promotional campaigns (including online), or even articles in academic journals. In addition, it is permissible to draw on your experience, such as a purchase you made or a promotion you received via social media. Examples of marketing success or failure are equally acceptable. A title of your own, to complement Marketing Event in 2014, may help you to organize your thoughts. There is some need to describe the Marketing Event in 2014 selection you have made near the outset. But you want to summarize the key facets of your selection with purpose. Think about your Marketing Event in 2014 selection with the following prompt questions in mind: ? Why is your selection relevant to marketing? ? What marketing issues are present? ? Who are the key players (actors)? What roles do they play (perform)? ? How and where might your selection be used in a marketing textbook? Your analysis/opinion is important as part of your overall response (including how you tackle the above questions). But your analysis/opinion needs to be informed or supported by references to marketing literature. The references do not have to be from 2014. You are reminded of the School?s assessment criteria, with intellectual quality expressed, structure and organization, and writing style being particularly important for Assignment 1. But also bear in mind your level of reading and the quality of your referencing. Visual material can be instructive ? screenshot, copy of an advert (if you have selected an advert), headline, etc. ? but be judicious. Exclude any visual material from the word count.:

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