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Marketing Midterm March 22, 2000 1. The World Wide Web is a very effective marketing tool for many reasons. It provides companies with an affordable and powerful way to reach people at ant time of day. The World Wide Web has basically four techniques that enable companies to market their products. There are interactive brochures, which range from simple one-page electronic flyers to multimedia presentations. Virtual storefronts take the interactive brochures one step further and allows customers to view and order merchandise. Information clearinghouses provide in depth product information where consumers can ask questions and get online answers. The customer service tool allows consumers to order catalogs and refer to lists of frequently asked customer questions with answers. Technological advances will affect the way we select and purchase goods in the future in many ways. It should in the future prove to be a powerful tool in promoting, connection, building associations, delivering information, and creating online communities. Technology will increase the speed at which consumers can purchase items and make it more convenient because people will be able to shop at any time of day and even negotiate the price. 2. Quality is defined as the degree of excellence or superiority of an organizations goods and services. Customer satisfaction is the result of a good or service meeting or exceeding the buyers needs and expectations. Customer satisfaction fits into the definition of quality. The true measure of quality determines whether a business has satisfied its customers. A.V. Feigenbaum says Quality is what you customer says it is-not what you say it is. To find out about your quality, ask your customer. A typical business loses half of its customers every five years and the underlying reason for many customer defections is simple: the customers were not satisfied with the value they r…

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