Marketing Research: Products & Brands

Marketing Research: Products & BrandsExpectations on Your Module 2 SLPUse the following outline to organize your paper. Note that the letters ?a, b, c?? and the numbers ?i, ii, iii, iv?? in the outline below are used to show the major issues you need to include in your paper and you may not use these letters and numbers to organize your paper.SWOT Analysis (4 pages)a. Strengths and Weaknesses(Internal)i. Strengthsii. Weaknessesb. Opportunities and Threats (External)i. Opportunitiesii. Threatsc. SWOT TableNote: use double space, Verdana or Times Roman font type, black font color and 12 pt font size. You are also expected to revise your module 1 SLP based on the feedback from your professor and your additional research, and include module 1 SLP in module 2 SLP. Submit your SLP2 paper (including title page and references).

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