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Marketing ResearchModular Buildings from PortakabinFor over 45 years, Portakabin has been producing modularbuildings that can be constructed quickly and simply. Thebusiness was founded in 1961 by Donald Shepherd. Hebelieved in innovation and development to meet the varyingneeds of a wide range of different customers. It is this flexibilityand attention to the customer that ensures Portakabin is aleader in the field with 17% of the UK market for modularbuildings.The Portakabin brand is synonymous with the concept ofmodular and portable buildings and has become a householdname. Portakabin has a wide range of products. These aredesigned to meet the needs of a wide range of differentcustomers. The business designs and creates accommodationsolutions for anything from one to up to 1,000 people. Thecompany employs 1,300 people throughout the UK andEurope. The business is set up to ensure a rapid response anda comprehensive support service for all its customers.Portakabin has a broad customer base with complex anddiverse needs. Examples of its typical customers include:? growing businesses that do not want to relocate choose toadd a Portakabin modular office to existing space? doctors? surgeries or childcare centres which needspecialised features, such as easy-clean surfaces or childlevelwindows? schools that have a temporary growth in numbers or are inthe process of having new buildings constructed. Theyneed modular buildings to house students whilst suchchanges are taking place.Whatever the reason, the accommodation Portakabin providesmust be safe, comfortable and pleasant for people to use. Itsproducts are flexible, attractive and provide solutions for all ofits customers? needs. Businesses seeking to purchase or hireMarketing Research2state-of-the-art modular buildings have several keyrequirements. The buildings must be:? quality products that will provide both employees andcustomers with a healthy and pleasing work environment? completed on time? within the designated budget.The market for PortakabinPortakabin operates in a very competitive market. In order tomaintain its leading edge it must:a) deliver exactly what existing customers wantb) ensure that when their needs change it will be able toprovide them with a new solutionc) continue to attract new customers.Portakabin adds value to the service it offers its customers byproviding a ?one stop shop? service. This means it helps thecustomer to obtain planning permission and design the layoutof the building. Portakabin advises customers on hiring the rightfurniture for the buildings. This furniture has to be suitable forthe clients? needs and the building.Adding valuePortakabin is aware that customers? needs will change astechnology develops or their businesses grow or changedirection. Portakabin also includes as part of this package extrabusiness solutions. These include features such as climatecontrol, fire and security systems. This extra support ensuresthat companies have complete peace of mind when hiring orbuying a Portakabin building, with all these features andbenefits available from the Portakabin network. It is essentialthat Portakabin carries out extensive market researchcontinually. This ensures that it stays ahead of its competitorsin developing new and innovative ideas.Marketing Research3Primary and secondary market researchCustomers? needs for accommodation change because ofmany factors. The main factors are changes in new technology,demands of health and safety, stricter legislation and the needto respond to different working patterns. Businesses have tofind solutions quickly to keep up to date. They also need toallow for further changes in the future. Portakabin has to beable to understand and respond to these changing needs toremain competitive.In order to do this, Portakabin is committed to ongoing and indepthmarket research. This provides two main benefits:? Portakabin understands what existing and futurecustomers want? Portakabin can put in place new product development andadded-value services to meet customers? needs.Primary and secondary researchThere are two main types of market research. Both involve thecollection of data that is used to find out about customers?needs and buying habits. Primary research is data collected inthe field, directly from the customer. Secondary research isdata that already exists or may have been collected for anotherpurpose. This can be used to back up primary research.Qualitative and quantitative dataMarketing Research4The data collected may be qualitative. This means that facts,feelings and opinions are collected. This type of informationhelps to develop new products that customers want. It alsoensures that customers are satisfied with the service they havereceived.Other data may be quantitative. This focuses on statistics andfigures. These provide a business with information that can berepresented in a table, graph or a chart.Primary research at PortakabinResearch into aspects of the work environment is important forPortakabin. It needs to ensure that its products and servicesmeet the diverse and changing needs of customers. Portakabinis aware that the customers who buy or hire its buildings haveemployees and customers of their own. It must ensure that thepeople who use or work in the buildings have a high level ofsatisfaction. Recent research has shown that if the workenvironment is good, employees are more likely to beproductive. This is very important for the companies who buyPortakabin products.To be successful in its research Portakabin has to find effectiveways of extracting accurate information. This particularlyapplies to the sales process. There are several ways forPortakabin to obtain primary research from its customers ortheir staff. The sales team regularly collects information throughdiscussions with existing and potential customers. Portakabinuses focus groups to find out how the working environmentaffects workers? performance and productivity. These resultshave been used to assess user views and develop newproducts and services. Portakabin regularly use surveys toextract quantitative data. This has helped to discover whycustomers chose Portakabin over its competitors. The results ofthese surveys showed that the majority of customers welcomedthe unique Portakabin offers of both high-quality buildings andextensive service support to provide them with peace of mindwhen ordering a building.Marketing Research5Secondary research at PortakabinSecondary research has helped Portakabin to create newproducts that ensure a productive and engaged workforce. Thisgives them a competitive edge. The company used the resultsof a recent Gallup Management Journal survey of U.S.employees to help them to design and produce two newbuildings called the Ultima Vision building and the PortakabinSolus building.Using secondary researchThe survey looked at which aspects of the work environmenthad most impact on improving employee performance. Itproduced data on how employees reacted to their workingenvironment and found three types of employee.Secondary research has reported that 66% of British workersfeel the quality of the working environment is important. TheGallup survey also reported that:? 28% of people were unable to see outdoors from theirwork space ? these employees are 86% more likely to beunhappy and disengaged at work? 23% felt that the work area temperature wasuncomfortable these employees are only half as likely tobe ?engaged?? 33% said that noise disturbed their work these employeesare four times more likely to be disengaged.Marketing Research6Other secondary research has reported that 66% of Britishworkers feel the quality of the working environment isimportant. Employees stated that this is one of the mostimportant factors in providing job satisfaction and careercontentment. It suggests that natural lighting influences humanperformance in the work environment. The study furthersuggests that it is more satisfying to work in a modular orportable building that has the appearance of being permanent.This is very important for Portakabin to know and respond to.The conclusion from this research is that improvements to thenatural lighting and the interior and exterior appearance of theworkspace can increase employee satisfaction and businessproductivity. This type of quantitative data has provided anopportunity for Portakabin to design solutions to clients? needs.It has consequently provided buildings that contribute to ahappier and more productive workforce.Product developmentMarketing Research7Ongoing primary research examining customer satisfaction hasprovided Portakabin with a wealth of information. Developingeffective services for its customers to meet their key needsmeans it remains market leader. Research into the effect of theenvironment on workforce productivity and satisfaction hasenabled Portakabin to offer further added-value options in itsproduct range. Portakabin uses a number of processes toensure that it can deliver high levels of service and high qualityproducts. These include:? research and development of new product ideas andadded-value solutions? effective strategies for marketing and sales aimed atspecific market segments? quality assurance and quality control procedures to ensurea high level of service and product quality? assessing reliability of suppliers and levels of service toensure that materials and supplies arrive on time and to ahigh level of quality.Using research results to developproductsMarketing Research8Portakabin has used the data obtained from the marketresearch to develop two new products to meet customers?needs. The buildings have features that take account of theresearch findings. These include temperature control facilitiesand more glazing, allowing more natural light into the building.The original concept of a modular building remains thesame.The added features are product extensions. These addvalue at a cost that is acceptable to the customer and does notcompromise the company?s ability to make a profit. Forexample, Ultima Vision has one wall that is fully glazed. Thisgives it a more contemporary appearance and provides apleasant working environment with more natural light. The othernew product, Portakabin Solus, has large architecturallydesigned windows and doors to ensure maximum light. Thebuilding also complies with disability and health and safetyregulations. The materials and design have taken into accountmany of the findings of the Gallup research. This providespleasing working conditions. These contribute towards thecreation of a happier and more productive workforce.ConclusionMarketing Research9One aim of Portakabin is to maintain its position as the leadingmanufacturer of modular buildings in the UK. To achieve thisPortakabin needs to deliver the right service and products to itscustomers. This requires that it is aware of the changing natureof its customers? needs and responds to them in a cost effectiveand innovative way.Portakabin pays keen attention to creating new product ideas.This has helped it to meet its own high standards and to ensurethat customers remain loyal. Using market research into theneeds and profiles of their customers has proved successful.Portakabin uses research to understand the needs of its directcustomers who buy its products. It regularly investigates therequirements of the end users of those products, the peoplewho use or work in the buildings. As a result, sales of the newPortakabin Solus and Ultima Vision ranges continue to grow. Itsbuildings and solutions meet the ever-changing demands ofbusiness customers, their employees and their widerstakeholders. As a result it has maintained its position asmarket leader in the UK.Answer and be prepared to discuss the following points:? How have Portakabin used MR to develop their marketposition?? How could MR data be leveraged by R&D at Portakabin todevelop products?Marketing Research10? How would working conditions in the UK impact onPortakabin sales?? What competitive advantage could Portakabin achievethrough MR?? Market research has helped Portakabin to remain at thecutting edge. Discuss?? Once new products are on the market is there a need formarket research and if so what could be done?? What other types of client information could be obtainedfor helping Portakabin shape their marketing strategy?Order for a custom written PAPER now and one of our online writers will write your assignment from scratch within your deadline! !!!Category: Essay Writing

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