Marketing Strategies Interview.

Paper detailsIntroduction and AlignmentWe often believe competition is the biggest influence of a company?s marketing plan. However, other external factors such as the economy, politicalclimates, technological innovations, and regulations also impact a company?s operations. Learning to apply your knowledge by interviewing a businessowner, manager, or a marketer will allow you to gain deeper understanding of the components of a marketing strategy.Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to:Interpret how the economic, political, technological, and legal environments could affect a marketing strategy.ResourcesTextbook: MM4 (isbn 1-133-37240-6) Textbook: Social Media Marketing (ISBN 0-13-255179-9)Background InformationIn this workshop, you are learning about what marketing is, what factors are influencing companies, and how companies are using social media. Haveyou wondered how these concepts work in the real world? Now you will have the opportunity to interview a business owner, marketer, or a manager abouthis or her experiences in marketing.InstructionsReview Chapter 1 in MM4 and Chapter 1 in Social Media Marketing. Interview a friend, relative, or classmate who works in a business-related field or in marketing specifically. Ask questions about the company theinterviewee works in and the company?s marketing strategy. Ask how social media has changed its marketing strategy. Visit that company?s website, Facebook, and Twitter pages and list at least four examples of effective marketing. Write a two-page paper discussing the interview and your analysis of the implications for the company. Suggest ways that the company could improvetheir online presence.:

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