Marketing Strategy report )

Please read the ?Coffee Mate? case study that has 3 pages before you start, which I will upload in a file and use any other relevant publications onthe coffee whitener markets (online), but kindly focus more on the case study. Answer the following two questions in report style based on yourreadings and online research: ? Question 1: Should coffee mate be mass marketed, aimed at one segment or aimed at multiple segments? Justify your answer.? Question 2: Evaluate the segments from TGI?s user survey for target attractiveness and their fit to Coffee Mate?s strengths. Criticallyevaluate which segment or segments would be best to target. It is important to fully justify your answer.Note: The second question is based on the case study the (TGI?s user survey) you should explain and express in your own words about all five TGI?susers which are available in the last part of the case study and then critically evaluate and choose which segment/segments of the TGI?s users wouldbest to target. (TGI?s: Target group index)Note: Dear writer, it is highly important to take into account the issue of plagiarism( copy and pasting work from other ready sources and even from theCase study) as the University has its own system (Turnitin) to find out the copied work , Kindly write this report in your own words to avoid anyproblems regarding my study. Much appreciated and good luck ?Report Structure:The report structure:1) Summary of the report (brief introduction) 2) Introduction ( background introduction) 3) Body ( answering and analysing the two questions ) 4) Conclusion and recommendation ( sum up and evaluate which segment or segments would you target) 5) Bibliography ( Harvard style):

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