MarketingRome and Haas new pro

MarketingRome and Haas new product marketing strategyProject descriptionNo sources is allowed in thepaper but the article from Harvard school.In this paper, answer the following questions.1. What should Joan Macey do?a. Specifically with respect to pricing?b. Specifically with respect to distribution?2. What is the appropriate strategy for marketing a Kathon MWX type of product?3. What role do formulators play in taking this product to customers? Mill supply warehouses?4. What role can the supplier play in developing this market?5. What factors have led to the failure of Kathon MWX6. Why is Kathon 886 MW so successful?7. How should Joan Macey implement her plan of action?8. Should Joan Macy be handling this product at all? If not, how can a company realistically introduce new products without compounding organizational problems?9. provide rationale for pricing strategy with analysis of costs / savings from customer perspective and influence rationale for new channel design.!

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