Mass Media Observation

Mass Media Observation? The only reference (book) (chapter 13 and 14):Human communication in society (3rded) by: Alberts, J. K., Nakayama, T. K., & Martin, J. N. (2012)? Watch one of these news channel for 1 and a half hour:(No re-broadcasts it has to be live ? no movies ? no prime shows ? no sports broadcast ? no weather broadcast)? CNN-US? Fox news channels? CNBC? If you have another news channel you would like to watch kindly let me know so I could confirm if it?s ok.? You must observe and analyze your exposure to a various medium and relate that experience to the chapters in the book (mentioned above) by using these vocabulary and relating them to the analysis (in BOLD):? Media ? Mass Media ? Culture industries ? active agents ? mass media effects ? media text ? selective exposure ? uses and gratifications ? content analysis ? agenda-setting capacity ? cultivation theory ? hegemony ? media event ? media violence ? V-chip ? political economy ? media activism ? hays code ? MPAA ? TV parental guidance ? new medias ? media defect approach ? filtering ? social presence ? social presence theory ? emoticons ? synchronous ? asynchronous ?social network theory ? cultural capital ? diffusion of innovations.? Approach the selected medium as a critical thinker, look for a variety of topics that relates to the chapters in the book (mentioned above)it will be useful to take some notes during the experience.? Once you have concluded your exposure to the media, comment on what you read, heard, saw and relate those comments to the vocabulary and the chapters in the book (mentioned above)? Here are some examples of questions you must cover in the paper (add more questions to cover)? How is the medium I am observing biased?? Does the time of day or type of medium I am observing shape the overall message?? How are the functions of this medium demonstrated?? How might thinking and acting be influenced after exposure to this medium and its message therein?? Be sure to review chapters 13 and 14 and BOLD any ideas and vocabulary you use from the chapter.? Write the paper in paragraph form:? First begin by describing the media observation experience (what did you observe, where, and when?) (at least one page)? Second provide your analysis of what you saw and interpret your observation (using the questions above along with other questions that you consider) (at least on and a half page)? PLEASE make sure you use ideas and concepts from the chapters 13 and 14 and in BOLD? Describe and analyze the media observation very well!? Utilize and incorporate concepts and terms and ideas from the chapters 13 and 14 + using the vocabulary (in BOLD)? Make sure you Discuss (check for the help you need) the biases and functions of the medium you observed and how might your exposure to the medium affect your thinking and actions? Don?t forget to BOLD any vocabulary and ideas that you used from the PowerPoint or chapter 8 from the book. (The assignment is all about applying ideas and vocabulary from chapter 13 and 14)!

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