Meaning of Technology

Meaning of TechnologyLAS 356 ? Meaning of Technology, Work and Leisure across the Life Course, sect. Discuss (check for the help you need)ion BoardQUESTION: Choose a quotation or two from Top Girls and explain why it is (or they are) relevant to one of the themes/questions of the Junior Seminar. I do not want a comparison with another text for this forum, so the posting may be closer to 150 words than 250, but it must be at least 150 words. Don?t forget to cite the page number.You MAY NOT use the same quotation(s) as any one else, so,once again, it behooves you to post early and to read the other postings before yours. I will delete posts that repeat any quotation (and ask you to re-post ? unless you post at the last minute and repeat someone else?s quotation ? then you will not receive any points for the initial posting).No groups for this forum. There are nine students in our class now, so there are certainly AT LEAST nine different quotations that relate to either work, leisure, technology or making a living while making a life in the play!this message from my professor so please do not do like my mistake i did it?You did not provide page numbers for your quotations so your grade on this forum is a 55. If you do not provide page numbers for the quotation that is required for the 7th Discuss (check for the help you need)ion board, your grade on it will be a 0. Citations are necessary!?!

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