medication errors

Medication Errors are among the biggest issues devoted in health care setting today in America. According to a recent Journal of the American Medical Association, medication error causes more than 10,000 of injures and deaths every year. Medication giving include five basic rights: Right patient, Right medication, Right route, Right dose, and Right time. Contrary to the above is medication errors. However, most common errors are occurred by poor transcriptions, drug interactions, drug name confuse, and poor documentation. One of the great concerns with medication errors is order transcription. Poor transcriptions or orders that are passed from doctors to nurses could cause serious injury by giving wrong amount or name of drug to patients. The problem is that most nurses have poor concentrations due to the amount of their workload. They could difficulty call back the doctor to clarify either the order clearly written or and illegible order, then arriving to their own assumptions. In addition, doctors and nurses make the medication errors by misreading and miswriting prescriptions such as misplacing points and misreading zeros. Researchers at Brigham and Womens Hospital have found that there were extraordinary drug errors made by doctors poor handwriting. In 1983, a nurse supplied a man 2.5 milligrams of the powerful sedative Halcion, which supposed to be 0.25milligrams. The patient died after several hours and the nurse and doctor had to take full responsibility. The problem is that doctors dont press hard enough while writing prescriptions on carbonless paper, so the decimal point doesnt come through on the copy. In fact, some researchers found that 55percent of the errors has dropped when doctors put down their pens and typed on the computers. A report by the Government Accounting Office found that millions of Americans are injured or died by taking drugs that are interact with other drugs. A doctor prescribes me…

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