Mergers and Acquisition?s (consolidation) of Industry Sectors.Paper instructions:Write a minimum of a two page summary about your views on the effects of Mergers and Acquisitions on entrepreneurship in America. Google search articles, read 3articles on this topic. Make a list of important points from the readings. The list should be typed, double spaced. Take a position either for or against, stressthis position from the point of view.Topic ? Mergers and Acquisition?s (consolidation) of Industry Sectors.This topic will look at the pros or cons of the rise of industry consolidation to only a few major companies running their respective industries. Thisconsolidation is a major change from the ?old? SEC rules that no company could control more that 40% of any US market share. For instance, Microsoft holds about 95%of the US computer operating system market, yet is not seen as having a monopoly. Is this ?relaxing? of anti-trust law good or bad?!

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