Meru CabsASSIGNMENT SHEETread the case ?Meru Cabs ? A Spectacular Growth Story? and address the operations challenges the company faced at the time of the caseYou should write a business report that identifies the issue(s), analyses the problem(s) with reference to underlying selected academic literature and management frameworks/models, and presents a set of recommendations for Meru Cabs and its operations.Overall aim:The aim of this assignment is to confront the student with a situation described in a case study and present recommendations that are supported by evidence found in the case and published company material, as well as theoretical concepts drawn from current academic literature. The student will demonstrate his/her analytical and decision making skills in the context of operations management.Learning outcomes (from the CRS):1. identify key trends and parameters of the evolving context of service organizations, and their effects upon service operations and the people in them;2. apply fundamental models and technique of planning, decision-making and monitoring systems in long-term and day-to-day operating situations;3. use current quality tools and techniques for improving service processes;4. develop methods for organizing processes and delivery systems in contexts of technological change;Organisation & methodology:The report should keep the following structure:Title page: Name of the case, your name, submission dateTable of contents (with page number references)List of tables and figures (with page number references)Executive summary (1 page synthetizing the report detail, including your solutions and recommendations)1. Background (brief context of the case)2. Problem statement3. Data analysis4. Analysis of alternatives (including decision criteria)5. RecommendationsReferencesAppendicesOnce again, it is imperative that you establish your analysis and recommendations on the basis of a firm conceptual understanding of the problem/issue, with reference to existing business and management models that you have learned in the course, including, but not restricted to reference to required and further readings available on Moodle.Word count and style:Please write within 3500 words (+/- 500), excluding the cover page, table of contents, reference list and appendices. Use tables, figures and diagrams where necessary. Use APA citation rules for referencing and formatting your reference list.Format: line spacing 1.5, left margin 3.5cm, right margin 3.17cm, top and bottom margins 2.54cm, no more than 3 levels of headings.Resources available:? A list of academic and business references (required and additional) is found on the Moodle course site? Other relevant material from business and academic journals can be found on the library databases (

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