Mesomorphosis Revisited

Metamorphosis Revisited Despite appearances which may seem to promote a sense of comedy, Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis actually contains an enormous quantity of symbolism, which serves to underscore several literal events which may have taken place in said story. Within the novella, many literary techniques are employed in order to contribute to the depth of the story line, with symbolism being the most prevalent, though not the sole method. These other literary tools are secondary in their nature, but they remain quite significant. For example, a sense of Weltschmertz (world pain) can be felt by the main character, Gregor Samsa, in part due to such imagery as the overcast sky, the rain drops, and uneasy dreams. Ideas such as these help to buttress this sense of despair and melancholy with the world and all of its various wrongs. The references to Weltschmertz are also reinforced by Gregor Samsas (the main character) comments such as what an exhausting job Ive picked on! when speaking of his position as a traveling salesman. It is not so much that one single item caused his depression, but a conglomeration of the stresses of a monotonous life that makes the character feel as if he bears the weight of the world upon his shoulders. A dichotomy occurs within the story. A critic could argue that the account is a hallucination or fit on the part of the main character, but another could also argue that the events described within the story are meant to be taken as they are written. Later on in the story, the theme of world pain is further supported by the use of certain language. At one point, Gregor Samsa, exasperated from efforts to get out of bed, exclaims seven oclock already and still such a thick fog! On a deeper level, this so-called…

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