Methods of Chat

At one time, most chatting was done on porches or over a back yard fence. But not any more! Now you can talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime you want, without paying a dime in long distance phone charges. How can you do this? Let us count the ways: 1. IRC 2. Telnet 3. ASP Chat Rooms 4. Net Phone. 5. Instant Messaging Internet Relay Chat IRC is a network service, designed with the Internet in mind. It allows two or more people to talk to one another live. These chats are carried on by typing instead of talking. The network transmits a message from one typist to the other people in the conversation. Any or all of them can then type in their responses. IRC is simple to use if you know how, and we’re going to teach you how. First, you need a computer that’s linked to a network with an IRC Server. (A server is a computer on a network that stores files for and fulfills requests from other computers on the network.) If you have an Internet connection you are already on the largest network in the world, and you have access to many, many IRC Servers. Clients IRC client software is the next thing you’ll need. That’s the software on your computer that will let you chat over the Internet Here are a few examples of IRC client software: mIRC mIRC is an excellent IRC client. You can download mIRC at: Good Manners TIP: Don’t just blurt out a message the moment you join a channel, although it doesn’t hurt to say “Hello!” People in that channel might be carrying on a conversation and you might interrupt them. Wait a few moments to see if there is a conversation going on. Manners are just as important on IRC as they are anyplace else. If you are polite about it, you’ll find the other people on IRC will help you learn all the tricks of using IRC. Your Own Channel You can start your own channel by using a channel name that is not in use already. When you start a channel, you get channel oper…

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