Mexican Immigration

I am a sixteen-year-old boy from southern Mexico City. My family lived in poverty and when my father was killed in an accident the flow of money abruptly stopped. My brother, fifteen-year-old Jose, and I am planned to cross the border and head to the United States. The two of us tried to scrounge up enough money to hire a coyote to help us across, but we both decided that wed be better off if we kept the money for unexpected expenses. We said our final goodbyes to our family and set off early in the morning. Even though it was morning it was still extremely hot outside, but that was normal July weather in Mexico. The rest of the city was quiet, except for a few stray dogs wandering aimlessly through the streets. We worked in the mountains collecting coffee beans that year, so we both knew the mountain routes very well, and decided to cross there. We got to the mountain trail at one in the morning, hoping to get to the United States by at least five o clock. We knew that we probably couldnt but gave it a try anyway. We reached the bordering fence at about five thirty, but the easy part was behind us. We knew that this was the ideal time to try to cross the border, but what we didnt know is that the border patrol agents knew that too, and were waiting for the illegal immigrants, during the time of the year that it will be easiest to find jobs. An agent caught my brother abruptly, but I managed to hide in a nearby bush so the agents couldnt see me, but I sure could hear them. They made snide remarks about the Mexicans and were talking about how the poverty-stricken Mexicans shouldnt be allowed in the country at all. In two hours when I hadnt heard their voices for quite a while, I got up and started walking to the distant lights of San Diego. It was a long walk, about two hours long. I met with a man named Remundo Gomez, who told me where to go to find a farm in need of cheap labor. The farm was way…

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