Mining industry against environmental law

Mining industry against environmental lawGreat Australian operations is a Australian proprietary company which is a mining company that was established in 2008 specialising in the mining and export of copper. The company has 10,000 hectares of land leased out in the region of Cloncurry, north west Queensland the main mine in which they extract the copper is titled flamingo copper mine which is located to the east of mount Isa.Flamingo copper mine is only one of five mines in this region black fort is another copper mine but much smaller, aside from that there is a rose gold mine named gilded, also a yellow gold mine named Mt Freda and also jessievale which drills for EPM .There has been a lot of talk about the court case which occurred against great Australian operation when the depertament of environmental and resource management found that the company was transporting contaminated stormwater to stormwater ponds in the wet season of 2008/09. During this time a pipe burst and because of thisa highly acidic water contaminated Coppermine Creek, which is a part of the Cloncurry River. The river water itself received no damage but fish, aquatic life and vegetation surrounding the river all died. Because of these charges the company received a $135,000 fine. During the process of this court case there were several laws which were found to be broken due to the actions of great Australian operations, some of these are the environmental(sea dumping) act 1981 also there wasthe water act of 2007 (cth), another law which they were charged with breaking was the environmental protection and biodiversity conservation act of 1999. Because of all of these charges the company faces high risk of further investigation and also will have a close eye kept on for years to come. Because the Australian government is so strict about protecting the environment the most significant change placed against the company would be the environmental protection and biodiversity conservation act as this act focuses on the individual effects the company has caused the environment and will place according charges in dependence of severity.But since the damage has only been found to have damaged the aquatic life and some vegetation the charges wont be as severe compared to the chance that they polluted the river water allowing pollution to travel upstream damaging more aquatic life and vegetation and also contaminating a nearby water source for animals of that region.Category: Editing

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