MKT 340

MKT 340Visit the following website: that link does not work follow this one and click on the You Are Where You Live link in the body of the text: in the zip code of your choice. This can be your current zip code or the zip code of your permanent address. The database will generate many cluster descriptions based on the zip code. Depending on the functionality of the Web site at the time you may have to reenter the zip code each time instead of using the back button to return to the zip code information page. Look at the information for each cluster (the Snapshot and Lifestyle tabs will probably be the most helpful) then, using the cluster information tell me:1. Which products in the following categories would appeal to each of the clusters generated by your zip code? For example, a car that appeals to a cluster titled Young Bohemians may not be the car of choice for the cluster Pools and Patios. a. Automobiles b. Shoes c. Beverages d. Clothing brands2. Create a perceptual map for the products/brands you listed above. This should include four perceptual maps, one for automobiles, one for athletic shoes, one for beverages and one for clothing. Use the positioning bases of your choice indicate, in your opinion, where each of the products listed above would be positioned on the perceptual map.Below are screen clippings to show you how to find the zip code link and cluster information.Enter the zip code and security code shown in the boxes below:The different clusters are indicated below with a red arrow:If you click on one of the clusters more detailed information will come up and look like::

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