Model T

HOW DID HENRY FORD DEVELOP THE MODEL T? By Julian Carter 6th grade Sociology Browns Mill Elementary Mr. Cochran January 4, 2000 VERIFICATION I verify that this paper, typed by Adrian and Julette Carter, is exactly as I prepared it. Signature HOW DID HENRY FORD DEVELOP THE MODEL T? I. Introduction A. How did Henry Ford decide to go into the automotive field? B. Ford didnt want to be a farmer. 1. Work was too hard on the farm. 2. No machines to make the work easier. C. Ford wanted to go to the city. 1. Could work in the city in the day. 2. Could work on his dream at night. II. What did Henry Ford accomplish in the automotive field? A. Ford created the Ford Motor Company. 1. Ford created the Highland Park Factory. 2. Ford developed the assembly line to produce a car a minute. B. Ford developed different types of cars. 1. Ford built a racecar that set records for speed. 2. Ford built revolutionized family cars. 3. Ford made cars affordable with the Model T III. Why did Henry Ford stay with the automotive field? A. Ford enjoyed working on machines. 1. Henry Ford quit his day job so he could sell cars full time. 2. Ford worked on his own cars in his spare time. B. Ford wanted to make engines affordable for everyone. 1. Ford wanted to make life easier for people. 2. Ford did not believe that only the rich should be entitled to an easier life. IV. Conclusion Purpose My report will present a short biography about Henry Fords life and will explain how Ford developed the Model T car and later came up with the assembly line. I chose to do a report on Henry Ford because I have always been interested in cars. I wanted to learn more about Henry Fords model series and, specifically, about the model T. This report will tell about Fords dream to work with machines and will explain how he fulfill…

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