models of decision making

models of decision makingTaskThis is an individual assignment.Each student will be required to write a 2500 words essay on ONE on the following topicsTOPIC OPTION 1Critically examine the benefits and challenges of managing diversity in an organisation. Then,referring to an organisation of your choice, describe how diversity is managed in practice and Discuss (check for the help you need)how it can provide a competitive advantage.TOPIC OPTION 2Critically examine the five bodies of thought that form the foundation of modern business ethics. ThenDiscuss (check for the help you need) two or more of these with reference to an ethical dilemma that you or a manager known to youhave encountered and how these ethical differences were resolved.TOPIC OPTION 3Argue the business case for and against organisations engaging in environmental sustainability. Then,referring to an organisation of your choice, describe how environmental sustainability can beincorporated into an organisation?s strategic plans.TOPIC OPTION 4Evaluate the effectiveness of three different models of decision making, critically examining thechallenges of decision making in organisations. Then, referring to an organisation of your choice,describe a major organisational decision and justify which model of decision making you consider bestdescribes how that decision was made.Please refer to relevant academic literature and source materials, as well as drawing upon yourknowledge of the organisation.

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