Molar Solutions used in Nursing Profession

Molar Solutions used in Nursing ProfessionIn your text in chapter 2 (Text Book ISBN#10:0-321-80928-9, 13:978-0-321-80928-5) it desribes how to make a molar solution and a solution that is a percentage mass by mass or a percentage volume by volume. Find a solution you will use in your occupation "Nursing Profession." Write the procedures for how you would make the solution and how you determined the numbers for the volumes or masses needed to make the solution. Describe if the solution?s concentration has units of M, %m/m, or %v/v. What is the solvent and what is the solute? Is the solvent polar, nonpolar, or ionic? Is the solute polar, nonpolar, or ionic? Is the solution an electrolyte, weak electrolyte, or nonelectrolyte?Based on the description of your solution above how does the solution work in the system in which you will place it? What reactions, solubilities, or electrolytic properties become important in the system? How does limiting reactant, theoretical yield, actual yield, and percentage yield work in the system you are creating?!

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