Molieres Don Juan

Don Juan A Man For The Ages Although Moliere’s Don Juan was written in 1665, its central themes can be carried over through the ages up to today. Moliere creates many fascinating characters limited not only to Don Juan, but his servant, wife, father, and others he encounters throughout the play. In Don Juan, Moliere creates a character who shapes the world to fit his own personal illusions by an egotistical abuse of power. Even greater, is Moliere’s ability to create characters who can interact with such a main character, trying to even challenge this abuse of power, however unsuccessful. In this essay, I will examine the characteristics of Don Juan, and the uses of the other characters and how other characters uses their own unique way to try and get Don Juan to change his ways. Don Juan, himself, is a completely egotistical character. Abusing his power to get what he wants when he wants, Moliere “creates a noble and self-contained Tartuffe who needs no aid from an established canon of belief to rule the lives of others”. Walker, Moliere, pg. 101. Don Juan has already been born to great blood, and does not need the approval of others to rationalize what he does. His ancestry is reasoning and almost a scapegoat for Don Juan throughout the play. However powerful Don Juan does seem throughout the play, there is also another side of Don Juan that almost seeps out of Don Juan very subtly. Don Juan is a contradiction himself, the power of his tyranny and at the same time, his dependence upon his “victims”, or those he tricks and dehumanizes. In Act I Scene 2, Don Juan is explaining his feelings to his companion Sgnarelle. Sgnarelle tells him how he does not approve of the way Don Juan “makes love left and right”. To this, Don Juan answers: That’s a fine thing, to want to pride ourselves in One passion, and to be dead from our youth on to S all the other beauties that may strike our eyes! No, no: Co…

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