Moth treatment Plan

Moth treatment Plan. Answer these four essay questions, no title page needed.Use the handouts provided in the attachment, Homework #3 and web links to answer the following questions.Cite every answer with appropriate sources. Do not rely solely on the handouts provided, but do the research needed to fully understand and respond to the questions.The Homework problem for this week is to do a landscape-level assessment of a significant environmental and economic issue in the U.S. ? the defoliation caused by an exotic insect, the gypsy moth. You are being given a link to the gypsy moth trap data for the Eastern U.S. Pay particular attention in this map to Southeastern West Virginia. The topo map provided as Web links (Gypsy moth trap results, WV topo map, and Sandstone topo map) which will focus you on Sandstone Falls on the New River in West Virginia. Please see the ?Moth habitat Diana Fritillary pdf file describing this unique habitat. Your job is to use the tools provided to answer the following questions1-List the most significant environmental issues that must be considered in developing a treatment plan (pesticide spray operation, pheromone dispersant, etc.).2-If you were tasked with developing a treatment plan consisting of the spraying of Btk (Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki). How would you go about this (remember the patch exercise early in the course)? What would your spray block pattern look like? Describe how you would make this decision.3-Using the topo map website (web links), increase the scale of the map to 1:50,000 and 1:100,000. What features are now in the map frame? What kinds of landscape-level considerations should be made in the regional context? Describe the features and your thoughts in detail. (You do not need to pay for this feature, Click the zoom bar on the right, then on the new map use the slider on the map to zoom in and out. Here is the link to just use the slider on the map: you implemented such a treatment, what steps would you need to take? (Consider that the area to be treated includes!

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