motivational case assignment

motivational case assignmentProject descriptionRead the Joe Chaney Case (Page 363-364), and respond to the questions belowusing the information & concepts from the text.1) Does the 4 factors model of motivation (Motivation-Performance-Outcomes-Satisfaction) apply to Joes situation. (See bottom of page 332- 333 & Table 6.1 &6.2) Give specific examples from the case that support your conclusion.2) Using the Performance Diagnosis Model (figure 6.7) on page 362 determine the causeof Joes performance problems. Assume that the answer to step # 1 in the model isYES?Joe and his boss both agree that his performance needs to improve. Support yourconclusions with examples from the case.3) Based on your conclusions in question # 2,Briefly explain how the nine steps and three strategies ? reprimand, redirect,reinforce (Table 6.5 341-342 could be used to reshape Joes behavior? Includeanswers to the following in your explanation:? What rewards might be most salient to Joe? Are they intrinsic or extrinsic orsome combination of the two?? How could Joes work be redesigned so that he is more motivated?4) Are their factors beyond Joe?s attitude and performance that need to be addressed inthis case? Briefly describe.!

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