Movie Critique

School Ties Movie Critique In the movie “School Ties” racism was shown through eyes of a Jewish teen at a catholic private school, where he was a minority among the ignorant students who had spent their whole lives at boarding schools. It also tried to portray this teenager, David, as the hero who triumphed over his inner demons as well as societys. The movie did a nice job of portraying David as the hero only on too major of a scale, because he was only a minor hero as compared to his roommate, Bruce. The prejudices that David had to face were all because of ignorance, at first when no one new he was Jewish they looked down upon him for belonging to a lower class on the social structure. This was shown first when he had to be a waiter/bus-boy, at the meals in order to stay at the school, Dillon saw him and began to laugh at him. The boys in this school never really knew anyone under theyre social structure except for what rumors had told them and what their parents had said. The second prejudice was that of the hatred towards Jews. Again all of the boys were openly admitting to never have met a Jew before, and yet they all “knew” what a Jew would act like in any situation. They let stereotypes sink into their minds rather than actually waiting till they had met one for themselves, and learn from that person. They then used these stereotypes to persecute David by twisting and stretching their thoughts in order to be used as a weapon. David was small town boy who was hardened by prejudices and a low-income working class lifestyle. His chance for a better life was his acceptance to a private Catholic school his senior year for his football skills. His first major character flaw was shown in the first ten minutes of the film when he fell to the level of the biker gang that was making fun of him for being a Jew and got into a fight with them kicking their butts. His second character flaw was accepting advic…

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