MSc in International Strategic MarketingTopic:Select an organisation or a brand, analyse its current Marketing Communications andSuggest a New Marketing Communication Strategy andTactics.Report structure:1. Executive summarysummarises key issues raised in the report. The Summary shouldcommence with a general description of the currentcommunications organised by the firm. Itshould also include theNEWkey communication aim and subordinate communicationobjectives. It is a summary of the key propositionsfor the campaign, as well as a summary ofhow plans will be implemented. It should be presented in a separate page on its own andshould not be longer than 1 page long.A table of contents should follow the executive summary.2. Situation analysis.An examination of the current position and its offer. This analysis ofbackground information is the research that provides the basis for the objectives, strategy andtactics. It refers to the analysis of the current communications of the selected firm. It couldinclude areas such as:?Company?s analysis, Brand and product analysis?Customers? analysis (target markets, target audiences)?Competitors analysisYou should focus on situational issues that are related to the communication strategy andAPPLY the theoretical concepts in a manner that youwill provide input to the communicationstrategy. Try to organise your thoughts in tables as much as possible.Information in this section may derive from primaryor secondary sources.3. Objectivesare goals or aims or end results that communicators should seek to achieve.Marketing communications objectives typically referto the goals that marketingcommunications have in affecting the mind of the target audience. They should be Specific,Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Relevant, Targeted, and Timed. They should be presentedin a hierarchy:?Marketing Objectives?Communication objectives. Within these communication objectives, think of thecontribution of the various elements of the integrated marketing communications inachieving them. You might want to think about subsets of Advertising objectives or OtherCommunications Mix Elements? objectivesLink the objectives with the suggested communicational tools in part 4.4. Marketing Communications Strategy and Action Plan.Strategy provides the direction for allthose involved in the campaign to follow. It provides the framework within which they shouldoperate. It is a means by which it is intended to achieve the objectives stated. You should thinkof the DETAILED decisions on each one of the suggested marketing communication tools.The structure of this section per each component ofthe mix can be broken down to somethinglike this:4.1 Advertising Strategy and tactics4.2 Sales promotion strategy and tactics4.3 PR strategy and tactics4.4 Direct Marketing and tactics4.5 xxxYou do not necessarily have to use all the marketing communications mix element. It verymuch depends on the chosen product, the objectivesof your campaign and the targetaudiences.You should state the objectives for each communication tool. Think how these objectives relateto the overall communication objectives (see point3). You should also analyse the suggestedtactics. The Tactics section of the planning process details the specific activities and eventsthat are going to be undertaken to address the objectives, so the action plan should be slotted.Some areas that you should think about include:?The development and continuous monitoring of the campaign?Campaign flow (what are the functions to be performed)?Resource management (do we need internal or external resource?)?Briefing (what do we need from our internal/ external suppliers?)You should also include a detailed Schedule of themarketing communications plan. Here acomprehensive calendar describing when each one theactivities for each component of thecommunication mix should take place.Make sure that you are thinking of the situation the company faces and the marketingcommunications objectives as you are developing your suggestions.5. Campaign evaluation. The campaigns need to be evaluated in terms of their efficiency ? howproductive is the campaigns in terms of providing value for money and their effectiveness ? howproductive is the campaign in terms of achieving what is supposed to be achieving.6. Budget. In this section a break down of all costs need tobe presented. This should be linkedwith the method used to determine the promotional budget. Detail the cost associated withspecific activities.7. References. Both on theory and on market data (i.e. media costs, trends in consumerbehaviour, academic references that support your encoding choices etc)8. Appendices:This section should be used to present details or examples of all the issuesraised in the rest of the campaign plan.Important information:This is an INDIVIDUAL report. Reference should be made to relevant theories, concepts orframeworks as well as to current Marketing Communications practices and examples, but only inthe way that they are applied andnotas theories themselves.All references should be cited and a bibliography detailing the source be positioned at the end ofthe report. Students should use relevant diagrams,models and figures throughout the report.The reports should be clearly divided to the pre-mentioned sections. The emphasis should be onthe marketing communications plan, rather than thesituation analysis. Details on the choices madeon the communication approach is expected.The length of the reports should be around 3,000 words (excluding executive summary, table ofcontents, situation analysis, appendices, tables and references).Only the marketingcommunication objectives and action plan counts inthe word limit, not the situationanalysis. However, you are expected to provide all the necessary background information thatmade you make these communication choices.Please make sure that you do include the Turn It Inreport with your assignment. More informationon how you can access this facility will be send toyou from the administrative staff. If yoursubmission is delayed, it will be penalised according to the information in your handbook.MarkingMarking will focus on your written demonstration ofyour understanding of the concepts covered inthe Marketing Communications and your ability to apply these concepts in a real situation. Themain elements that are assessed is selection, analysis, and evaluation of relevant to marketingcommunications decisions elements of the situation,the suggestion of robust and relevantmarketing communications objectives and the choiceand full development of appropriatemarketing communications tactics. The marketing communication strategies and tactics should bedeveloped to the level that are executable. The presentation of the situation analysis and thesuggested marketing communication decisions are expected to be based on your academicreading. The suggested marketing communication objectives and decisions on strategies andtactics should also be related to the situation analysis. A successful essay must of necessity gobeyond development and presentation at the level atwhich material is covered in class as well asthat which is simply restated from the text.Starting your assessment early will very likely improve the quality of your essay. An assessmentsuch as this cannot easily be done with little timefor considerable and careful development andcrisp, clear presentation.All participants must work independently for the presentation of their written assessed assignment.Far more reading (theory) is needed at this level. Papers from academic journals should have been also used for assignments in the MSc level. The situation analysis lacks depth. Very limited use of appropriate theoretical frameworks to analyse the situation. The objectives weak. It would be really surprising to have only 1 marketing and 1 marketing communication objective. 3 pages of marketing communications of the quality submitted really do not meet the requirements of what was asked. There is not enough detail to make this communication program ready for implementation. The evaluation is not existing.How to improve and further comments:Far more work and thinking is needed for this level.]One thing to notice is that the brand or organization should be small and better located in glasgow.Category: essay

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