Mt St Helens

The two case studies I chose for my paper are the Mount St. Helen and Mount Pinatubo volcano eruptions. In this paper I will compare and contrasts the two volcanic eruptions on an individual, economic, and globally implications. The Mount St. Helens eruption took place on May 18, 1980. The eruption was designated as a five on the volcano index. The Mount Pinatubo eruption took place on June 15, 1991,and it was designated as a six on the volcano index. Mount Pinatubo eruption was about ten times larger than Mount St. Helens. Both volcano eruptions experienced a similar pattern. Both volcanoes had earthquakes before the actual eruption. Both eruptions generated tremendous amounts of ash and volcanic debris that resulted in large lahars that devastated much of the surrounding land, cities, and homes. Both eruptions afterward experienced many small earthquakes. Another similarity of both these eruptions is the effect it had on the people. In both eruptions lives were lost due to roofs collapsing or being incinerated from high temperature ash clouds, which effected obviously those people who lost there lives and family members along with surviving members of the community. People in both of these eruptions experienced loss of there homes and personal belongings, mainly due to the devastating lahars sweeping there homes away, or being covered in large quantities of volcanic debris and ash, or just being shook to the ground by the numerous earthquakes. People in both eruptions also experienced high stress levels emotional pains and economic hardships. Although both people suffered economic hardships due to the volcano eruptions, I would have to say this was a point of contrast. The cost of the Mount St. Helens eruption cost around 1.1 billion dollars, I did not find any dollar amounts for the Mount Pinatubo eruption but I am almost certain it did not cost that much in dollars happening in a much non-industrial cou…

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