In the heart of the night of Boise the old city artfully lighted. The palazzo rising from the dark dreary desolate piazza floodlit, intensely medieval with its arched windows and battlements like a jack-o-lanterns teeth. The bell tower soaring into the black sky. The bats will chase mosquitoes across the clocks glowing face until dawn awakes the shivers by the bell. A Glisten of flicking light showers over a chief investigator Renaldo Salvager. His raincoat black against the marble statues fixed in acts of rape, murder and violence, came out of the shadows of the arcaded roof overhead of the Gallery and crossed the piazza, chief salvager’s face pale, turning like a sunflower to the flicked light. He stood in the center of the piazza church where many came to grieve, looking up into the seeping light through a cracked stained glass. He saw there hung from a high window Francisco Salvager was thrown naked with a noose barricaded around his neck to die writing and spinning against the rough walls. The archbishop hung beside Francisco in all his holy vestments providing no spiritual comfort, eyes bulging wild as he choked. Chief Salvager knew it was his brother but did not want to face the sight of the bodies that hung above his own. Standing with a blank stare in astonishment the taste of vomit seeped into his throat. In his mind the thought of having a chance to regain his reputation and enjoy the honors of his career by capturing the fiend. He also had a chance to provide information to Mr. Hesely, the only survivor out of the entire group of victims. Hesely and Falicia were past insignificant lovers under Falicias psychology therapy no one was to know about the two of them having any relations. Falicia went to Peter Hesleys house on a private therapeutic meeting called by Mr. Hesely. He wanted to show Mrs. Quintino his noose setup or as he called it autoerotic asphyxia where you sort of hang yourself but not …

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