Museum Kampa, in Prague, Czech Republic, on Google Art Project

Museum Kampa, in Prague, Czech Republic, on Google Art Project1. Describe the work including the following information:a. When was the work created?b. What medium is the work in (e.g., sculpture, painting)?c. What material was used (e.g., clay, bronze, oil, acrylic)?d. How large is the work? As a whole? The individual pieces?e. Is the work realistic? Abstract?2. After describing what is there, consider what is NOT there. Describe how the artist may be using empty space as part of the composition.3. Relate Figures to two other sculptures of human figures you have learned from different historic periods. In comparing and contrasting the three, consider the following:a. The materials used (e.g., wood, stone, clay).b. Formal composition (e.g., symmetry, repetition, line).c. Style (e.g., abstract, idealized, realistic).d. Knowing what you do about art in the postmodern era, how does Abakanowicz evoke the history of art of the human figure? How does the reference to older works of art relate to developments in art in the post?World War II era?4. Recall your initial reaction to the Abakanowicz work.a. What were your first impressions?b. Does the work fit into your notion of what society was like at the time it was created?c. How have your impressions changed after you looked at and considered the work closely?d. Does consideration of the work within a broader context of the history of art change your initial impressions? Explain.ESSAY 2-LETTER FROM BIRMINGHAM JAILREAD THE LETTER AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN A SHORT ESSAY1. What reasons does Dr. King give his colleagues for his being in Alabama?Paragraph 2:Paragraph 3:Paragraph 4:2. In your own words, express what Dr. King means by "self-purification in Paragraph 8?3. In paragraph 12, what does Dr.King say about privileged groups giving up their privileges?4. What two things are described in paragraphs 15-20?5. Dr. King devotes considerable space to an issue that has caused him painful disappointment. What issue is this?6. Which paragraphs deal with the issue mentioned in question 5?7. Dr. King also Discuss (check for the help you need)es another major disappointment. What is this second disappointment?8. Which paragraphs deal with the issue mentioned in question 7?9. What is the main purpose for this letter?10. What is the tone of Dr. King?s conclusion (paragraphs 48-50)?11. What is the main point Dr. King is trying to get across to his fellow clergymen.!

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