Music concert critique

Music concert critiqueProject descriptionGuidelines for writing on a live concert performanceThis segment is intended as a guide for writing your report on a Live Performance. You Do Not have to address everything mentioned here, but it should be helpful to you. Of course you can write on things not mentioned here so long as it is consistent with this kind of critique. The finished product should be like a newspaper article of ?700? Words (3 typed pages-12 font, which you are now reading), but double spaced, using complete sentences, complete paragraphs and written in such a way that other students will know what you mean. Assume that the reader has absolutely no knowledge of the group you are describing.Go to a live performance of Jazz, Pop, Rock or Contemporary Music. There are many places throughout this area (Restaurants, cafes, clubs, schools, Churches, etc.) in which you can hear live music for free, or for the cost of a drink or a snack. If you go to a school performance, Junior High or below is not acceptable. Movies, videos, etc. are also not acceptable. Attach proof of your attendance to the back of your review. Just write what you hear in your own words. I don?t expect it to be the quality of a newspaper article, although it should be in that form. Make sure your ideas are well thought out. Here are some things you may want to talk about. They may help you formulate some of your ideas. Remember to address the music at hand, do not spend the majority of the article writing about non musical observations, but rather, most of the article should be dedicated to surveying the musical performance. The report should describe anywhere from three (minimum) to four (maximum) songs/selections (name the musical pieces and composer and arranger) employing the musical elements learned in class.Name of group or individual:Name of selection(s): Name of selection(s) you are talking about (at least three). Describe the musical elements of the selection you are describing including instrumentation, the types of beat (tempo), rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, form, dynamics, etc.Style or period: What style of music? Instrumentation: What instruments were used?Vocal style: Spoken, shouted, clear, easy to understand, dialect, soft, smooth, foreign language.Lyrics: Major themes, tells a story, underlying political message.Rhythm, Tempo: Tempo speed (Fast, Slow, Medium), complex or simple rhythms? Could you feel a strong beat? Did you get lost? Was the beat (groove) danceable?Visual elements: Costumes, Staging, Choreography, Lighting, Dancing, other.Was it a concert, restaurant, Jazz club, etc. Were the musicians well prepared?Did they have a good command of their instruments? How did their playing affect you? What was the audience?s reaction?!

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