Music in my life

Since the establishment of life on earth, human beings have sought various ways to express themselves. One of these include the mixing of various sounds to create one that pleases them, and most importantly expresses the language of their heart. It is an articulation of ones feelings through instrumental and vocal sounds. Music gives one a mean to express themselves in a language, that is felt by everyone and understood without having words to it. It represents ones culture, feelings, and even passion. Music in my life although started with a strong cultural aspect to it, but Nusrat Fateh Ali Khans music enabled it to go beyond that horizon. His music enlightens my day and truly inspires me. I learnt to appreciate music at an early age, as my father was very fond of classical music. He wanted one of his kids to learn playing a musical instrument. Being a native of Pakistan, a South Asian country, our popular musical instruments included Sitar, Harmonium and Tabla. My eldest sister learnt to play harmonium at an early age. She is a wonderful harmonium player, and continues to play it till today. She started with folk songs and went on to classical music. This is where I got my first admiration of classical music. Being more particular she used to sing Ghazals, which is basically poetry with deep meaning to it. These were in Urdu language, which is our national language. I pursued my earlier education in Pakistan, and hence in 7th grade I actually got a chance to read and interpret this form of poetry. The meaning of this poetry amazed me. Hence whenever my sister would start learning a new Ghazal I used to interpret it with her and sing along with her. That used to be our way of spending time on Saturday mornings, and the memory of it still brings a smile on my face. As I went on in my life though, a singer from our country became real popular worldwide. He was called the Elvis Presley of the East,…

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