MY hopes and Fear

My Hopes And Fears Everyone has hopes and fears in every walk of his/her life. Graduate students also have hopes and fears when they entered in this life. Being a graduate student I am also concern about my future. I am always willing to experience and learn about new thing. Studying in United States is a new experience for me as I am an international student. I would like to take full advantage of this chance. I wanted to get highest possible knowledge about my subject in such short period of time. Educational setup is very different here than my home country. I am having a different exposure of working and learning, that’s what I hoped before coming here. I hope I would be able to work more confidently and professionally when I go back to my home country. I am learning more scientific ways of doing research projects, and using high technology. I am also hoping to be able to use research papers and journals in order to get most recent knowledge. Being a graduate I suppose to give a critic seminar, after this seminar I hope I would be able to analyze a research paper, and in future I would be able to give presentation in much better way. During my first year of school I have got a chance to be a teaching assistant, it was a very different and exciting experience. I have learned a lot and enjoyed it very much. I hope when I will go back to my country I would be able to use this experience. When I was in my home country I never got a chance to meet peoples from other countries, but when I came here I got a chance to meet students form different countries and share experience and knowledge with them. I am really happy to be in graduate school I have learned a lot and I am hoping to learn more. My only concern in graduate school is about my overall performance, weather I am doing good or not. I do not have any other fear, because I know, I am not going to lose anything, every passing day is going to enhance my experience and know…

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