My Last Duchess

“My Last Duchess” The poem “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning consists of different types of emotions. The story is about a duke who is trying to marry a count’s daughter. While he is talking to a group of count’s advisors, he describes his last duchess. He explains how the relationship with his last duchess was affected by the expressions that he though she had given. The duke talks about how she had a smile on her face when someone did something for her. He explained that if the duchess did not do the things he liked, he would find a new duchess. All through the poem, the duke expresses an emotional feeling for his last duchess. One of the emotions that the duke expresses in the poem is jealousy. It seemed like every time someone would do something for her, she would show a happy expression. The cause of this happiness would bring out irrational jealousy in the duke. Even though this story took place about 400 years ago, jealousy is still a major problem in today’s society. The poem indicates that the duke was showing his jealous when he stated, “Of joy into the duchess’ cheek: perhaps”. This statement shows the jealous expressed not only in that line, but in the whole poem as well. Another emotion that the duke expresses is love. The duke shows this love by wanting to marry the count’s daughter. The dukes love must be great because he is trying to arrange a marriage to have her hand. In today’s society, it is much more different to marry someone than it was then. Fathers today do not arrange the marriage for their daughters, but in the time of the poem, a man had to ask the father for the hand of his daughter. The last emotion that the duke expresses is anger. Even though he was very jealous, anger played a major role in getting a new duchess because the anger. He does not like the situation when someone gives something to his duchess and she likes it; this situation causes a lot of anger and made h…

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