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Narrative EssayOrder DescriptionNarrative essay: A narrative essay tells a story about some event or series of events. The narrative essay (1) stresses the importance or significance of the events it relates; (2) includes all the major events in the story (primary support); (3) brings the story to life with details about setting, characters, and actions that make up the major events (secondary support); (4) presents events in a clear order, usually chronological.The topic I chose to write about is how the Civil Rights movement changed American society.Pretty please make sure all of the paragraphs are developed, because my professor is really big on that, meaning: use examples, cite data, analyze text, define terms, make comparisons and contrasts and examine cause and effect. Also, wordiness is a big problem along with using passive voice and really pay attention to telling who is doing what in each paragraph. Thank you so much!!

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