NATO North America Takes Over (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) N.A.T.O to Americans and many Europeans is a security blanket, but to others it is a terror. A terror only interested in its own politics, not human rights. To “Americans” it is there to prevent human suffrage and a crisis like the Holocaust. N.A.T.O has made many mistakes in the past months that no apologies can repair, but are they doing it for the right reasons, if any right reason remains? Or is it a mistake to be interfering with the Balkans? Does NATO have America behind it? There is much propaganda for the NATO movement and against it, how can Americans tell what is really going on. When the crisis first was evident, I believed in sending help to save the Albanians. Everyday in the news I saw refugees fleeing, homes being destroyed, I saw what I was supposed to see. I did not see the other side; I was a victim of propaganda. Our government would not go into an area like that without Americans behind them. Once they are in there, they do need our support. But it is always a wise move to have Americans in agreement. So they show us the Albanians, they make comparisons to Hitler; they play on our emotions. The press, which is free but economically interested in politics, reports what others want us to hear. Before going any further into NATO and its affairs with the Balkans, it is best to first find out who NATO is, and why it came to be. NATO was a treaty formed in 1949 April, after world war two. Harry Truman was in the White House. It was Europe and North America’s way of protecting each other from the Soviet Rule in parts of Europe, and fighting off the threat of communism. NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. There are 19 countries in NATO. USA and Canada are the two North American countries, while the rest are European. NATO’s 50th anniversary was this year. Many speculated that NATO would disassemble, because of the new Europea…

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