In today’s world of technology the faulty security is becoming an almost incurable problem In today’s world, there are several opportunities for the everyday user to breach security networks. The opportunities are endless for intrusions on networks. In 1997, thirty-five hackers hired by the National Security Agency launched several simulated attacks on the U.S electronic info-structure. The project was called Eligible Receiver and its main goal was to gain root level access to thirty-six of the Department of Defense’s four thousand plus networks. The simulated attack also turned off sections of the U.S power grid, and shut down parts of Emergency 911.( Christensen, n.pag.) There are many opportunities for people to cause havoc. About forty percent of the world’s networks are terrorized everyday by cyber-terrorism. During the Gulf War, Dutch hackers stole information about U.S troop movements from the Department of Defense, and attempted to sell it to the Iraqis. In March of 1997, a fifteen-year-old Dutch Croatian youth penetrated a U.S Air Force base in Guam. During 1997 and 1998, an Israeli hacker penetrated the U.S Pentagon with help from teenagers living in California. In February of 1999, unidentified hackers seized control of a British military satellite, and demanded money for its safe return. These are just a few examples of the current network security problems occurring in the world today. ( Christensen, There are many people who are still very sheltered and ignorant about what is going on in the controversial hacking issue today. In today’s world of cyberspace, there are about three thousand web sites that are hacker-oriented. This makes it even easier for even the technically challenged to gain access. ( Christensen, n.pag.) The main threat to computer networking in the 1990’s is the computer “hacker”. The term “hacker” is usually meant to be someone that breaks the security of a com…

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