NEW YORK – IBIZA IBIZA – WEST PALM BEACH This is a hypothetical voyage plan I had to do on my 1/C training cruise May through July 99. Waypoints and mercator sailings not included. While evaluating the best route for this voyage we had to consider a route that would allow the ship to sail easy with good weather and would save time as well. This is important since the ship would be doing weekly runs. After considering the above a course of 072.2T from the sea buoy was chosen. At a speed of 15 knots it would take 8 days, 18 hours, and 53mins. to cross the Atlantic and meet the time of arrival to Ibiza, Balearic Islands at 0453 26 May. ETA to the final destination will be approximately 1700 on 9 June. Attached is a comprehensive list of the waypoints that the ship will follow during its voyage. The waypoints have been chosen after meticulously checking at the charts. While plotting the waypoints on the charts special attention was paid to shallow areas, CPAs to land and whenever possible terrestrial aids to navigation were used for course changes. The AMVER report was prepared before setting sail and would be sent 24 hours from departure and updated every 24 hours, refer to the sample page to see a sample of Sailing plan, position report and Arrival Report. Time changes will be done every other day, starting on the second day out. The dates will be indicated at the bottom of the WP list. At the port of West Palm Beach the tides are of linear type and since this is a deep-water port it would not affect the draft of the vessel, which will arrive at approximately a mean draft of 21. Therefore, the departure date and time will remain at 1000 on 15 May. The transit throughout the whole voyage will not present any hazard that may impede on the sustained sea speed of 15 knots throughout the voyage. Current would not affect the safe transit of the vessel and we will have a Pilot aboard who has been hired as a navi…

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