New York

Frazier 1 Kevin Frazier Instructor: Mitchell English 052, Section DKB A Trip to New York City One summer my Aunt Janet invited me to go on a bus trip with her church to Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Radio City Music Hall is theater where musical shows are held, getting to go there would be a new experience for me. With out knowing the next sound, smell, touch, or taste, the visit to New York City became an adrenaline rush to my senses. My memory of that day starts on the bus sitting by the window, watching the birds fly through the sky looking for their morning meal. As the bus roared across the highway trying to complete its journey I took glances out the window. Due to the sun peeking through the clouds the landscapes became unclear. So I began to randomly look around at the people on the bus like a surveillance camera. My ears were tuned into the different conversations, which made the bus feel as though it was a talk show discusssion. The expressions of the faces of the people depict their emotions through their smiles, frowns, and sounds of laughter or snoring. As we entered New York City I was amazed by all the yellow cabs that filled the streets like a swarm of bees. I saw hundreds of people on every sidewalk dodging vehicles as they dashed across the street. I notice that the traffiic lights, had seemed to me to have no effect on drivers because they seem to ingore the red lights. I ask myself ,is everyone blind in this city? Frazier 2 When we finally reached Radio City Music Hall ushers greeted everyone cheerfully at the door. I felt like I was on Broadway because of all the flashing lights, red carpets, and courteous service. As I walked in the Music Hall the first thing that caught my attention was the large stage. In the halls proscenium style and decorative…

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