Neylis: Developing an Evaluation Plan

Neylis: Developing an Evaluation PlanDescription: Instructions will be send in a documentThis is a continuation of order number 199126, please check the implementation plan develop in that essay to continue with this assignment. .(The problem is nursingburnout and the solution is the implementation of stress reduction strategies)This AssignmentDeveloping an Evaluation PlanUsing 800-1,000 words, discuss methods to evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed solution and variables to be assessed when evaluating project outcomes.[Example: If you are proposing a new staffing matrix that is intended to reduce nurse turnover, improve nursing staff satisfaction, and positively impact overalldelivery of care, you may decide the following methods and variables are necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed solution:Methods:1. Survey of staff attitudes and contributors to job satisfaction and dissatisfaction before and after initiating change.2. Obtain turnover rates before and after initiating change.3. Compare patient discharge surveys before change and after initiation of change.Variables:1. Staff attitudes and perceptions.2. Patient attitudes and perceptions.3. Rate of nursing staff turnover.]Develop the tools necessary to educate project participants and to evaluate project outcomes (surveys, questionnaires, teaching materials, PowerPoint slides, etc.).Checklist.Topic Task Completed Comments / Feedback PointsDeveloping an Evaluation Plan? Described methods used to evaluate effectiveness of proposed solution. ____/ 4? Described variables to be assessed when evaluating project outcomes.____/ 4? Developed tools necessary to educate project participants. _____ / 14? Developed assessment tool(s) necessary to evaluate project outcomes. _____ /14Written Format & Length Requirements for Developing an Evaluation Plan ? Assignment formatted according to APA.? Word Count: 800-1,000 _____/ 2_____/ 2!

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