Auschwitz was a series of 3 camps. The first camp was known as Auschwitz 1. It was the main camp and the first to be made in 1940. It was continuously expanded by forced labor. It was mainly a concentration camp. But it also had a gas chamber and crematorium. Auschwitz 2 was known as Biirkenau, also. Its construction started in October 1941. It had the largest Prisoner Population. It was divided by electrical fences into 9 different sections. It is guarded by SS guards and dogs. There were sections for women, men, Romas, and their families deported from the Therisienstodt Ghetto. It was mainly an extermination camp. Auschwitz 3 was the least known of all of them. It was also called Buna of Monwitz. It was established near by Monowia to provide forced laborers for the Buna Synthetic Rubber Works. The transportation to Auschwitz was by train. They rode on cattle cars for up to three days at a time, with no bathroom, sometimes cramming up to 75 men, women, and children in at a time. The little ones and the weak ones had to be careful when they opened the doors because of the rush of the people getting off, they would often be trampled. When they reach the train station Soribor Station. They were hurried along so fast that they never realized that the station was fake and was just connected round to deportation centers. The hands on the clock did not move, and the timesheet arrivals were fake also. When they first arrived at Auschwitz, the victims were checked in and given an I.D. number. The I.D. number was then tattooed onto their body, usually the arm. Over 404,000 I.D. numbers were given out all together. 237,426 went to male prisoners, 133,496 went to female prisoners. After they got all the people in order and all the numbers assigned, they were assigned a bunker. This was were they would be able to sleep when time allowed. There was single bunk beds in there, about 40 of 25 each, when space got limited, they would sometimes m…

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