NIGHT BY ELIE WIESEL ESSAY BY NATHAN SHAPIRO As you read on you will be reading about my opinions on what kind of nonfiction writing is in this book Night by elie Wiesel. Further more everything in this might not all be correct to others but this is my opinion on the story so please read on. In this nonfiction story Night by Elie Wiesel is objective writing. Objective writing is facts that can be proved by the senses, or by the calendar, or by the clock. The facts in this story is very real and it gives you the sense of being there and going through all the hardships like being beaten, starvation, and living under the Germans control. I could go on and on about all the facts in this book but there was a little of what was in it. this book is so very true and so well written that it makes you feel some of the pain and hardships that he has to go through. As you can see this nonfiction book is objective writing due to all the facts and information that it has in it. This book Night has exposition in it. Expositions major purpose is to inform like tell how something is done or how it works. For example this book is to inform us of what went on and how the Jews were treated back then, a example: being burned, and worked so hard, and starved. And faith in god taken away a quote to that is …where is the divine mercy? where is god? how can I believe, how can anyone believe, in this merciful god? (page 73).This book also has descriptive writing in it. Description recreates for the reader a person, place, or event, largely through language, appeals to senses. I could go on and on about all of the description in this story but I will only give a few examples that are here. One of the things that are described the most is the way they were treated it made them feel like animals, they were beaten and starved. This story a…

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