Non-western concert report

Non-western concert reportMUET 3030: Assignment #2CONCERT REVIEWAttend a musical event featuring non-Western music and write a 2-3 page review. Be sure to identify the concert you attended. These reviews should be written from anethnomusicological perspective. A helpful guide in writing your reports is to refer to the music-culture model (p. 16-17) in Chapter 1 of your textbook.Also, read one outside scholarly article or chapter from a book about the music culture represented in the concert. Use material from this source in your paper andcite it in the body of the paper and at the end in a ?References Cited? bibliography. You may NOT use chapters from the textbook( or readings posted on Blackboard. Do not make your review a rewrite of the program notes.The following suggestions are intended to serve as guidelines for your review. These are only suggestions and you may add or omit things as you see fit:? 1. Give a general background of the style of music and where it came from.I only know that the first piece is the music of Ewe people of Africa. And some of the background information about Ewe people is provided in the attached files(Africa Outline of Music Cultures). In the first piece, a group people played drums and couples of people played the rattle. 8 people(4 male and 4 female) did thedancing and they wear traditional Ewe clothes.2. What was the setting for the concert and how did it affect the performance? Was the setting different than traditional performance contexts for this kind of music?I think the setting is quite the same as a normal music concert, just musicians used some unique and authentic instruments.? 3. What kind of people came to the concert? Was it mainly college students, young children, a mix, etc.? Give reasons why these groups might have come to theconcert?for fun, a spiritual experience, to be seen, rabid fans, etc.Most of them are college students and their friends, parents of the performers, and the inviter and organizer of the concert.? 4. How was the performance received by the audience?Audience enjoyed the performance. Need to talk more based on the reading of text book, unit 1, P14-18.5. What kind of musical instruments were used, and how did they function in theensemble? Were some lead instruments and others supporting instruments?I have no idea of the instruments they used. They are not classical music instruments.? 7. As best you can, describe musical features. If possible, relate this to class material.? 8. How was this concert different/the same from other concert you have attended?!

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