In King Oedipus, Sophocles shows that Oedipus ignorant attitude is his major flaw, but through determination and pride, the King learns the truth about himself, which in the end makes him a better person. Oedipus says, And it is my solemn prayer that the unknown murderer, and his accomplices, if such there be, may wear the brand of shame for their shameful act, unfriended, to their lifes end.(32) In his ignorance, Oedipus does not consider himself a suspect in the killing of Laius, but his determination to find the killer will unveil the truth. Oedipus will do whatever it takes to apprehend the malefactor. He says, I grieve for you my children. Believe me I know all that you desire of me, all that you suffer, and while you suffer, none suffers more than I. You have your several griefs, each for himself; but my heart bears the weight of my own, and yours and all my peoples sorrows.(27) Oedipus is a proud man and is empathetic of the people of his city. He feels the pain and anguish that his people are going through, and is determined to find the perpetrator who committed the act. No matter what the outcome is, he will get the truth. This is the start of the revelation that Oedipus goes through from ignorance to knowledge. Oedipus begins the investigation, and through a heated conversation with Teiresias, he is told that he is the killer . This outrageous comment sends a wave of anger over Oedipus. He claims that Teiresias is trying to overthrow him and take 2 over the throne for himself. The conversation comes to a quick and angry halt, and both parties go their separate ways. After the confrontation, Oedipus begins to feel a little uneasy, for the possibility that he could be the killer never entered his mind. He goes to Jocasta and begins to ask questions about how Laius was killed. She tries to tell him that Laius was killed by robbers outside the city of Thebes at a place where three roads met. The story worries Oed…

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