Notes on the State of Virginia

Notes on the State of Virginia Any study of the United States should include Thomas Jeffersons Notes on the State of Virginia. Not only does he meticulously gather information, categorize and document the natural resources, but also discusses Virginias constitution and laws, which he uses as a microcosm for the United States government. Jeffersons celebration of the national bureaucracy is not without the various problems that existed in the United States during his lifetime. The most problematic issues were the institution of slavery and the extermination of Americas indigenous people. Jefferson attempts to come to terms with both issues, but ultimately is unsure how to handle them. He is arguably one of the most important men in American history, and to appreciate Thomas Jefferson, the man, one must understand the fruits of his labor: The United States of America. In short, it is impossible to completely comprehend the atmosphere of the colonial era without touching upon the words and wisdom of Thomas Jefferson. In his contemplation of what the United States truly represents, Jefferson takes time to validate Americas break from England. He is writing to a European audience and, being the statesman and politician, provides what he deems as justification for the colonists separation from the Mother Country. Jefferson politically attacks King George and records the offenses done by the British. He argues that the colonists no choice but to defend themselves against the injustices thrust upon them. As Jefferson states, The following is an epitome of the first fifteen years of his rein. The colonies were taxed internally and externally; their essential interests sacrificed to individuals in Great Britain; their legislatures suspended; charters annulled; trials by juries taken away; their persons subjected to transportation across the Atlantic, and to trial before foreign judicatories; their s…

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